Constipation Relief911

Natural relief from chronic constipation

“Constipation Relief 911″ has already helped thousands of people completely cure their constipation faster and easier than they ever thought possible. Why not find out what it can do for you at no risk to you whatsoever?

Elizabeth Gray

Registered Nurse & Natural Health Expert


I’ve developed something very powerful that will almost effortlessly cure your constipation – whether it’s relatively mild or chronic.

In fact this method is so powerful that, if you follow my advice to the letter, you stand to return to a completely normal healthy state in 7 days or less.

Say goodbye to bloating, gas, stomach, discomfort, abdominal bloating, fatigue and headaches within just a few short days. But, best of all, it’s based on science, factual science, not false claims nor empty promises, and I’ll stake my medical reputation on it.

  • Completely natural methods
  • No fatigue or headaches
  • No side effects, natural, gentle, safe
  • No harmful drugs

You see, being a registered nurse that has specialized in elderly care for more than 25 years, I’ve learned a great deal about how you can successfully cure constipation, once and for all! How you can actually start being regular again after all the months or even years of not feeling “right.” Even if you’ve failed time and time again.

My Number One Constipation Curing Secret

And my number one constipation curing secret, the secret that has helped so many constipated people just like you get regular the lazy way can be boiled down to simply this.

No matter what you’ve been told — trying to cure constipation with endless laxatives, enemas, stool softeners and over the counter medications just doesn’t work over the long term and can actually be dangerous to your health!

Why? Because your body will actually bounce from diarrhea to very hard-to-pass stools to nothing at all. From one extreme to the other and back again. And because you’re only addressing the symptoms and not the root cause, this debilitating condition only lingers and worsens over time.

Fortunately, there’s a way to cure constipation that doesn’t require any of the harsh drugs, treatments or any of the other things you’ve been reading about on all those free medical advice forums.

Here’s the “Natural Way” To Cure Constipation

It’s what I call the “natural way” to cure constipation, and it’s my number one secret for living a healthy, happy and normal active life.

It’s really quite simple, even if I do say so myself! For your nutritional health and well-being, I’ve formulated a very special all-natural list of what you should be eating and drinking; plus an example “daily plan” that you can follow to get things moving again within days.

It’s a plan that’s worked for every patient I’ve given it to over the last 25 years at a registered nurse and I absolutely guarantee that it will work for you. The plan is literally so effective that you may experience “too much” relief in the first few days as your bowel clears its “back log” and continues to cleanse itself. This is a good thing.


I started on Elizabeth’s Constipation Relief 911 program 32 days ago and it has been amazingly helpful. I have had a normal bowel movement almost every day for 2 weeks, reduced bloating, and less anxiety. I can’t recommend it enough.

~ Enid

“Excellent read! It opened my eyes and helped me with my daily toilet ‘expedition’. I call it an expedition since it used to take me hours to get it done. I always felt terrible before but now I make a bowel movement daily. This method has helped and I now understand how it works and what to do! I can honestly say you saved me.”

~ Samantha

Can you blame me for believing so strongly in the power of this program that I’ve put my medical reputation on the line to prove it!?

How many constipation cures have you tried that were actually developed by a licensed medical professional? Probably very few, if any. Why? Because most people or companies have nothing to lose if their so-called anti-constipation quick fixes don’t work. They just don’t care if your hopes and dreams are shattered. Here today, gone tomorrow, along with your hard-earned cash!

Well I spent too many years training and working in this industry just to risk all this on a constipation cure that doesn’t do absolutely everything I say it can do. No, absolutely not! I repeat, I will stick my hard earned reputation on my lazy way to lose weight. And I want to prove its power and effectiveness to you right now!

Here’s How You Can Cure Your Constipation in Just 7 Days At My Risk

If you were to meet with me one-on-one in my clinic, you’d be paying upwards of $100 to get the very same information I’m going to share with you in this instantly downloadable program and very affordable program.

In fact, I go into a LOT more detail in the program than I could in our 10 minutes together.

So, when you invest in the Constipation Relief 911 program you’re going to receive:

I am ready to order….”Constipation Relief 911”

a mini e-book for only $27.00

I want you to feel totally secure about your purchase so I’m going to complete take on ALL the risk. I’m going to offer a completely over the top guarantee.

Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

Try the Constipation Relief 911 program with no time limits or constraints. Study it completely, in your own time and avaluate the effectiveness of these methods for yourself.

If at any time you decide that this program isn’t for you, or hasn’t delivered the results you were hoping for; then return it to me for a full, cheerful refund.

No time limits!


This is how I feel: after having gone through everything you’ve gone through, you deserve to have access to not only a solution that works, but a solution that you can try at completely NO risk to you.

I think that’s fair and I’m willing to do it because I am here, first and foremost as a nurse, to help you however I can. When you place your order you’ll receive an email from me containing your download, plus you’ll be taken to a page where you can instantly downlaod the program too.

Why not try Constipation Relief 911 today on me! You won’t be sorry. You have my word on it and my guarantee as a licensed medical professional.

Thank you,


Elizabeth Gray R.N.